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Laura Childs, Cleo Coyle, B. B. Haywood, Julie Hyzy, Jenn McKinlay
The Cozy Cookbook

Amanda Cooper
Shadow of a Spout

Jessie Crockett
A Sticky Situation

Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Wedding Duress

Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher
Murder, She Wrote: Killer in the Kitchen

Christine DeSmet
Five-Alarm Fudge

Ellery Adams
Lemon Pies and Little White Lies

Naomi Hirahara
Grave on Grand Avenue

Jenn McKinlay
Dark Chocolate Demise

Susan Wittig Albert

Sofie Ryan
Buy a Whisker

Duffy Brown
Demise in Denim

Dawn Eastman
A Fright to the Death

Susan Wittig Albert
Death Come Quickly

Laura DiSilverio
The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco

Amanda Lee
Wicked Stitch

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Murder in Merino, May 2015
(A Seaside Knitters Mystery #8)
by Sally Goldenbaum

Obsidian Trade
ISBN-10: 045141537X
ISBN-13: 9780451415370
336 pages Trade Size

Prepare for more knitting, murder, and mayhem with the next in the national bestselling Seaside Knitters mystery series. Autumn brings a mysterious new guest to Sea Harbor More...

The Book Stops Here, May 2015
(A Bibliophile Mystery #8)
by Kate Carlisle

ISBN-10: 045141599X
ISBN-13: 9780451415998
336 pages Paperback

You never know what treasures can be found in someone’s attic. Unfortunately for bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright, some of them are worth killing for in the latest in More...

Some Like It Witchy, May 2015
(A Wishcraft Mystery #5)
by Heather Blake

ISBN-10: 0451465881
ISBN-13: 9780451465887
320 pages Paperback

Wishcrafter Darcy Merriweather can charm desires into reality, but as the national bestselling Wishcraft mysteries continue, she won’t be able to magically avoid trouble when More...

Catnapped!, May 2015
(A Dead-End Job Mystery #13)
by Elaine Viets

ISBN-10: 0451466314
ISBN-13: 9780451466310
304 pages Paperback

The fur is really flying in this Dead-End Job Mystery from the national bestselling author of Checked Out.

No more pussyfooting around! Husband-and More...

Checked Out, May 2015
(A Dead-End Job Mystery #14)
by Elaine Viets

ISBN-10: 0451466322
ISBN-13: 9780451466327
288 pages Hardcover

Shhh…in the newest hardcover in the national bestselling Dead-End Job Mystery series, Helen Hawthorne quietly goes undercover at a local library to search for More...

Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant, May 2015
(Mr. Monk #19)
by Hy Conrad

ISBN-10: 0451470591
ISBN-13: 9780451470591
288 pages Paperback

Welcome to the series of original mysteries starring Adrian Monk, the brilliant investigator who always knows when something’s out of place….

Monk and Natalie More...

A Finely Knit Murder, May 2015
(A Seaside Knitters Mystery #9)
by Sally Goldenbaum

ISBN-10: 0451471601
ISBN-13: 9780451471604
320 pages Hardcover

In the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Murder in Merino, the sleuthing skills of Izzy Chambers Perry and the Seaside Knitters are tested as More...

Book Clubbed, May 2015
(A Booktown Mystery #8)
by Lorna Barrett

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 042526212X
ISBN-13: 9780425262122
304 pages Paperback

The New York Times bestselling author of Not the Killing Type is back in Booktown with another page-turning mystery. Bookstore owner Tricia Miles and More...

Flourless to Stop Him, May 2015
(A Baker's Treat Mystery #3)
by Nancy J. Parra

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 0425252604
ISBN-13: 9780425252604
304 pages Paperback

The author of Murder Gone A-Rye and Gluten for Punishment returns to Oiltop, Kansas, where gluten-free baker Toni Holmes has to separate the More...

Murder in Murray Hill, May 2015
(Gaslight Mystery #16)
by Victoria Thompson

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 0425260461
ISBN-13: 9780425260463
304 pages Paperback

In national bestselling author Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight mysteries, the residents of nineteenth-century New York City turn to midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank More...

Items 1 - 10 shown, out of 18 total.

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