October Releases

Miranda James
Dead with the Wind

Isabella Alan
Murder, Plainly Read

Carolyn Hart
Ghost Wanted

Laura Childs
Gossamer Ghost

Heather Blake
Ghost of a Potion

Leigh Perry
The Skeleton Haunts a House

Julianne Holmes
Just Killing Time

Sheila Connolly
A Gala Event

Julia Buckley
The Big Chili

Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher, Renee Paley-Bain
Murder, She Wrote: the Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

Joyce and Jim Lavene
Looking for Mr. Good Witch

Carolyn Hart
Ghost to the Rescue

Laura Childs, Terrie Farley Moran
Parchment and Old Lace

Beverly Allen
Floral Depravity

Livia J. Washburn
Trick or Deadly Treat

Sofie Kelly
Faux Paw

Frank Hayes
Death on the High Lonesome

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Faux Paw, October 2015
(Magical Cats Mystery, Book 7)
by Sofie Kelly

A Penguin Special from Obsidian
ISBN-10: 0451472152
ISBN-13: 9780451472151
336 pages Paperback

Magical cats Owen and Hercules from A Midwinter's Tail are back and ready to help librarian Kathleen Paulson pounce on a killer art thief...

Normally, the More...

Floral Depravity, October 2015
(A Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery, Book 3)
by Beverly Allen

ISBN-10: 0425264998
ISBN-13: 9780425264997
304 pages Paperback

As the co-owner of the Rose in Bloom Flower Shop, Audrey knows how to put together unique wedding bouquets, but this one takes the cake. The daughter of a More...

The Big Chili, October 2015
(An Undercover Dish Mystery, Book 1)
by Julia Buckley

ISBN-10: 0425275906
ISBN-13: 9780425275900
304 pages Paperback

Lilah Drake's Covered Dish business discreetly provides the residents of Pine Haven, Illinois, with delicious, fresh-cooked meals they can claim they cooked themselves. But when one of her More...

Gossamer Ghost, October 2015
(A Scrapbooking Mystery, Book 12)
by Laura Childs

ISBN-10: 0425266672
ISBN-13: 9780425266670
336 pages Paperback

Scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand is ready to head out and enjoy her night until she hears some strange noises coming from Oddities, the neighboring antiques shop, and decides to More...

Parchment and Old Lace, October 2015
by Laura Childs, Terrie Farley Moran

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 0425266680
ISBN-13: 9780425266687

Carmela couldn't imagine a finer evening than dinner at Commander's Palace with her beau, Detective Edgar Babcock. The food and the company are equally divine--with the exception More...

A Gala Event, October 2015
(An Orchard Mystery, Book 9)
by Sheila Connolly

ISBN-10: 0425275817
ISBN-13: 9780425275818
304 pages Paperback

The fall harvest may be just about over, but orchard owner Meg Corey is busier than ever planning her wedding to Seth Chapin. Who knew picking apples would be less More...

Just Killing Time, October 2015
(A Clock Shop Mystery, Book 1)
by Julianne Holmes

ISBN-10: 0425275523
ISBN-13: 9780425275528
304 pages Paperback

Ruth Clagan may be an expert clockmaker, but she's always had a tendency to lose track of time. And when trying to solve a murder, every minute counts...


The Skeleton Haunts a House, October 2015
(A Family Skeleton Mystery, Book 3)
by Leigh Perry

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 0425255859
ISBN-13: 9780425255858
304 pages Paperback

What holiday could bring more warmth to a skeleton's chest cavity than Halloween? And when you're a living skeleton who's not supposed to be seen outside the More...

Murder, Plainly Read, October 2015
(Amish Quilt Shop Mystery, Book 4)
by Isabella Alan

ISBN-10: 045147502X
ISBN-13: 978045147502
368 pages Paperback

With so much to do between running her shop and spending time with her new boyfriend, it's amazing Angie is able to help organize the Rolling Brook library's More...

Dead with the Wind, October 2015
(A Southern Ladies Mystery, Book 2)
by Miranda James

Berkley (Prime Crime)
ISBN-10: 0425273059
ISBN-13: 9780425273050
304 pages Paperback

An'gel and Dickce Ducote tend to stay put in Athena, Mississippi, but a wedding is a good reason to say a temporary farewell to Charlie Harris's cat Diesel More...

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