August Releases

Leann Sweeney
The Cat, the Sneak and the Secret

Ayelet Waldman
And Murder Makes Three

Shelley Freydont
A Gilded Grave

Paige Shelton
If Onions Could Spring Leeks

M. L. Rowland
Murder on the Horizon

Rhys Bowen
Queen of Hearts

Nancy Herriman
No Comfort for the Lost

Nancy Martin
A Little Night Murder

Daryl Wood Gerber
Fudging the Books

Peg Cochran
Berried Secrets

Mary Kennedy
Dream a Little Scream

Kylie Logan
Revenge of the Chili Queens

Carol Ann Martin
Loom and Doom

Rosie Genova
A Dish Best Served Cold

Kathleen Bridge
Better Homes and Corpses

Diane Vallere
Crushed Velvet

Ellery Adams
Murder in the Paperback Parlor

Rhys Bowen
Malice at the Palace

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"Food, wine and good mysteries make for an unbeatable combination...a volume certain to delight any palate..." Publishers Weekly

Death Dines In
Donna Andrews, Claudia Bishop, Carole Nelson Douglas, Lyn Hamilton, Anne Perry

Culinary crimes from Anne Perry and others--all-new recipes included.

Stories by New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry and Carole Nelson Douglas, Lyn Hamilton, Claudia Bishop, Donna Andrews, Rhys Bowen, Don Bruns, Meg Chittenden, Nick DiChario, Marcos Donnelly, Elizabeth Foxwell, and many more.

Berkley (Prime Crime), May 2005
ISBN #0425192636
336 pages Paperback

Also by Donna Andrews:
Delete All Suspects, September 2006
Delete All Suspects, November 2005
Access Denied, November 2005
Access Denied, January 2005
Click Here for Murder, April 2004
You’ve Got Murder, April 2003

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Also by Claudia Bishop:
A Fete Worse Than Death, March 2013
Dread on Arrival, April 2012
Death in Two Courses, July 2010
Toast Mortem, June 2010
A Plateful of Murder, October 2009
The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat, June 2008
A Carol for a Corpse, November 2007
The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey, August 2007
Ground to a Halt, February 2007
The Case of the Roasted Onion, September 2006
A Dinner to Die For, April 2006
Buried By Breakfast, December 2004
Death Dines In, May 2004
A Puree of Poison, December 2003
Fried by Jury, May 2003
Just Desserts, April 2002
Marinade for Murder, August 2000
A Steak in Murder, July 1999
A Touch of Grape, July 1998
Death Dines Out, December 1997
Murder Well-Done, July 1996
A Pinch of Poison, December 1995
A Dash of Death, March 1995
A Taste for Murder, September 1994

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Also by Lyn Hamilton:
The Chinese Alchemist, January 2008
The Chinese Alchemist, April 2007
The Orkney Scroll, February 2007
The Moai Murders, April 2006
The Orkney Scroll, April 2006
The Moai Murders, April 2005
The Magyar Venus, March 2005
The Magyar Venus, April 2004
The Thai Amulet, March 2004
The Etruscan Chimera, March 2003
The African Quest, January 2002
The Celtic Riddle, December 2000
The Moche Warrior, January 2000
The Maltese Goddess, March 1998
The Xibalba Murders, April 1997

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Also by Anne Perry:
Death by Dickens, November 2004
Much Ado About Murder, October 2004
Death By Dickens, March 2004

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